Cherry Blossoms

With the sun dancing through the window, we find ourselves once again, on the cusp of spring. As I gaze upon the once barren cherry tree outside my window, its tiny buds are beginning to burst and bloom in the freshly, warm sun. Just like the tree, I can feel myself stretch and begin to grow with the change in season. As the spring has come early, it is being filled and nurtured for growth and experiences. The early season reminds me of what I’m looking for; what we all are probably looking for: fulfillment from strength, clarity, happiness, and peace.

With this, keeping at a level of calm as the season around us continues to bloom and sway. Like the cherry blossoms, now is the time to shine brightly in the sun and grow with the season. While taking a deep breath in, I can feel myself beginning to detox from the ends of winter and let the heaviness of the cold slide into the past. My commitment to seeing the individuals that will support my health and physical and emotional well being, have allowed for an inspiring growth, lending to a strong, bountiful spring to begin.

Let spring flourish with a complimentary consultation. I would love to assist in helping you maintain presence, so that you may continue your growing journey this season.

Many blessings to each and every one of you,


“Every choice and decision we make brings us closer to expanding our heart”

Natural Element Studio

Linda Nogales