By focusing on energy, we boost the body’s natural ability to counteract established stress patterns and reduce daily tension.

So much of our daily tension comes from parts of our body that we cannot heal with physical attention. Natural Element Studio specializes in treatments that help allow the inner wisdom of your body to balance on all levels. With a focus on energy, we assist the body from within to reduce the stress patterns in your life.

  • Reiki Sessions “Rei,” Universal Life Force with “Ki,” Energy

    (60 mins) $75
    (30 mins) $45

    We employ this honored Japanese technique for unblocking energetic and emotional blockages. Activates your body’s natural healing process. Feel vitality, relaxation and well being flowing throughout your body.

  • Raindrop Therapy

    (60 mins) $90

    Nine specific detoxifying Young Living Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils are applied to the spinal reflexes of the feet and the spine using specific reflexology and application techniques, increasing vitality in the spine and throughout the body. Vibrational tuning forks are then placed on acupuncture points to increase balance, harmony and reduce stress.

  • Facial Reflexology Treatment

    (60 mins) $75

    Deep, smooth manipulation of facial muscles stimulates healing throughout your body. Increases circulation to the face and improves skin texture and appearance. Experience rejuvenation and profound relaxation.

  • Raindrop Therapy For Feet

    (25 mins) $50

    Concentrates of eight Young Living Oils applied to spinal reflexes of the feet. Increases vitality throughout the body, leaving you relaxed and feeling in balance. Add this service to any facial or energy treatment for ultimate relaxation.

“Conscious shifts come when we have no expectations”
Natural Element Studio
Linda Nogales