Each product we select has its own profound elemental nature. Good to our Earth. Good for our well being. Made with intention.

Facials, Body Care and Beauty



The Quintessence, composed of 5 essential oils with extraordinary powers—lavender, geranium, rosemary, cypress and thyme—is at the heart of Yon-Ka’s formulas. A treat for the senses, it reinforces the effectiveness of active plant ingredients gathered from all over the world. Yon-Ka products combine science, skill and philosophy to restore healthy, fresh, and glowing skin. They are effective for the most demanding skin types.

Unique Jewelry


My Saint My Hero

My Saint My Hero is a group of faith-filled women who are putting their faith into action using their time, talent and efforts creating pieces that are infused with blessings. Bringing elements of faith, hope and purpose into everyday life through wearable blessings, sacrament and prayers. Join the world and wear one of these pieces and be reminded of what your purpose is in life.

Bronwen Handcrafted Jewelry

Bronwen Lodato has been making jewelry for as long as she can remember. Her inspiration stems from a life lived in motion. Adventure fuels her creativity and world travel informs her collections. Bronwen believes it is the right choice to handcraft her jewelry in the USA using fairly traded artisan materials that support local economies. Her jewelry is equally lovely worn on a yoga mat or an evening out. Let your lifestyle and personality shine with a piece of Bronwen’s handcrafted jewelry.

Kristen Ford Jewelry Made With Meaning

The Kristen Ford line of jewelry is crafted and manufactured exclusively in the USA and was established in 1984 with a passion for beautiful gems and a respect for the energetic gifts each stone has to offer. Each piece is designed incorporating meditation, the unique energy of stones and numerology. The jewelry is always accompanied with a tag describing the healing qualities of each stone. Let your intuition guide you to that special piece and wear it with your personal special meaning.