Why Facials and Energy?

Skincare and Energy Treatments are an unusual pairing, and make a powerful combination when done with full intention and expertise.


My name is Linda Nogales. I started Natural Element Studio in 2013 because every day I encounter people living very full lives; giving their all to work, family, friends and community—and feeling challenged to replenish their sources of strength.

Skin is the largest organ in our bodies. It protects us from environmental elements, regulates body temperature and allows us to feel touch and temperature.

Our faces are complex. The skin reflects inner health because what’s underneath connects deeply with the other organs and systems within our bodies. Face Reflexology is the quickest pathway to the central nervous systems and the deepest state of relaxation.

Energy is restored when we focus on opening up the body’s systems. Deep relaxation allows tension to flow out. When nervous energy has an exit path, we create room for our thoughts, feelings and ideas to surface. We feel and function better when we let go of stress.



My practice focuses on renewing wellness through facials, energy treatments and maintaining facial beauty through organic and naturally-derived products. I actively participate in training across several disciplines.

  • European Skincare & Aesthetics 2005 at Euro Institute Of Skin Care, Renton, Wa
  • Body Sugaring Alexandria Professional 2010 at Euro Institute Of Skin Care, Renton, Wa
  • Facial Reflexology Module 1 & 2 in Maine 2010, Module 3 & 4 in North Carolina 2011, Instituto de Reflexologia Internacional with Lone Sorensen
  • Usui Reiki First Degree 2008, Second Degree 2009, Advanced 2010, Master 2011 with Cindy McCall St. Thomas, V.I.
  • 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Godfrey Devereux Dynamic Method 2012 with Robin Buck of Jane’s House of Well Being at 5 Element Studio in St. Thomas, V.I.
  • 30 Hour Radiant Child Yoga Immersion Program Level 1-3 with Lisa Broderick 2013 in St. Thomas, V.I.

Intentional Path

A Seattle native, I lived, studied and practiced in Southern California, Maui and St. Thomas, Virgin Islands before returning to reclaim my roots in Mukilteo.

My clients tell me the facial and energy treatments they receive improve the quality of their lives and overall wellness. These testimonials humble and inspire me! I love what I do and the connections made with the people that choose to work with me.

“When we connect with others there is a stillness within the gaze that deepens the connection”

Natural Element Studio

Linda Nogales